by Jac La Tour

Matt Weidler, an ECCUemployee, was awarded a $10,000 check for having a brilliant idea — accessing ATMs using a cell phone. Matt was announced the winner of the CO-OP THINK prize on May 17 at the annual THINK Conference in Anaheim, CA. 

Read more about Matt’s winning idea by going to the CO-OP THINK website and clicking on 2011 Winner

What do you think of Matt’s idea?

by Mark G. Holbrook

Transitions are important, aren’t they? Some of you can remember making the transition from typewriters to personal computers. For me, this post constitutes an equally eventful shift. Yesterday I wasn’t a blogger. Today I am. Amazing. And to think that when I gave up my typewriter, “blog” wasn’t even a word. [read more]

by Susan Rushing

Having been a banker for more years than I like to admit, I have seen my share of changes in the financial world. There have been more in the past ten years than ever before. The reason? Technology. [read more]